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Vets In 3D was founded with a creative spirit and a lofty objective: to offer custom, colorful 3D printed animal models and dog tags, while leading the way for businesses that value animal life and veteran advocacy.

That’s right. Being founded by Dr. Turnera Croom, a retired Army veterinarian, means that our mission is focused on populations that need the most help, or can’t speak for themselves—namely animals and her fellow veterans looking for work. Training to become a veterinarian does require practicing on live animals—its inevitable. But Dr. Croom believes that the advances in STEM technology, like 3D printing allow us to become more effective animal advocates and sacrifice fewer animal lives for study.

As a military veteran, Dr. Croom also knows that job procurement following retirement from service can be dreadful and near impossible. At Vets In 3D, we are working hard to create a sustainable program to train and hire military veterans in the 3D printing and scanning industries.


To advocate for and share opportunities with the two groups suggested by our name Vets In 3D—Veterans and Animal lovers.